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The Executive Insight Video Series is an engaging face-to-face video interview with a board member, senior executive or professional directly involved in board level activities. In each episode, there is usually a single governance topic which is discussed in depth. The subjects might include: current trends in shareholder outreach, CEO succession planning, the global impact of new US tax rules or the SEC’s expanded guidelines on audit committee responsibilities.

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DalyCoviello The Board’s Oversight of Cyber Security
with Art Coviello, Executive Chairman, RSA Security
Part 1: Cyber security risk: A board-level overview.
Part 2: Developing the cyber security plan.
Part 3: The board’s response and implementing the plan.
DalyMetzger Executive Insider Trading and 10b5-1 Plans
with Carl Metzger of Goodwin ProcterPart 1: Design, implementation and oversight of 10b5-1 plans.
Part 2: Plans for senior executives and independent directors.
MetzgerVerni Case Study: The Penn State Board
with Carl Metzger, Partner, Goodwin Procter LLP
and Ralph Verni, Experienced Director, Trustee and CEO
and Lynne McCauley, Managing Director, The Spofford Group
A full-length discussion of the tragedy and crisis that took place at Penn State University in 2011 and 2012.
DalyLibby Conducting a Board Evaluation
with Jerry Noonan of Spencer Stuart
and Willow Shire, Governance Chair, Fortune 100 Company
Part 1: The three major reasons to conduct a board evaluation and goals of the process.
Part 2: Assessing the performance of the board as an entity and assessing individual performance.
Part 3: Evaluating the board of a nonprofit.
DalyLibby Walmart and the FCPA: A Federal Prosecutor’s Perspective
with Frank Libby of LibbyHoopes P.C.
Part 1: Why prevention, not just response, is necessary.
Part 2: Questions the board should have asked and shareholder reaction.
FCPA Compliance Program: A full-service compliance solution for your company.
Dalywright Q & A on “The Cloud”
with Rick Wright of KPMG
Part 1: Cost, risk, agility and crafting the cloud strategy.
Part 2: Cloud instillation and vendor selection.
Part 3: Risk management in the cloud.
dalyshire Expanding Responsibilities of the Board
with Willow Shire, Fortune 100 Governance Chair
Part 1: IT and Cyber Security, Social Media, Globalization
Part 2: CEO Succession, Executive Compensation, Regulatory Compliance and Expanded Shareholder Activism.
dalynoonan Developing Internal CEO Candidates
with Jerry Noonan of Spencer Stuart
Part 1: IT and Cyber Security, Social Media, Globalization
Part 2: CEO Succession, Executive Compensation, Regulatory Compliance and Expanded Shareholder Activism.

dalyplanitzer D&O Insurance: A Directors Need to Know
with Carl Metzger of Goodwin Procter
and Rob Spofford of The Spofford Group
Part 1: Corporate indemnity, sleep insurance and reputational risk.
Part 2: Evaluating the D & O Insurance before joining the board.
Part 3: D&O for a non-profit board.
dalyplanitzer The Independent Director
with Russ Planitzer of Lazard Technology Partners
Part 1: Where is the company in its growth timeline, what is its burn rate and cash-on-hand?
Part 2: Change can be rapid when new skills and financing are needed.
Part 3: How the independent director differs from an investment director.
donovanbraceras Conducting Internal Investigations
with Rob Braceras of Goodwin Procter and
Darren Donovan of KPMG
Part 1: Bribery, health issues, taxes, consumer impact, FCPA, revenue recognition and employee misconduct.
Part 2: How the investigation should be structured, managed and reported.
dalydonovan The Foreign Corrupt Practices Act
with Darren Donovan of KPMG.
Part 1: Risk assessment, policies, training and response.
Part 2: Testing and monitoring, talking to the SEC or DOJ and the Board’s responsibility.
FCPA Compliance Program: A full-service compliance solution for your company.
dalyjohnson The European Economic Crisis
with Sara Johnson of IHS Global Insight
Part 1: Sovereign debt, the Eurozone economy and the trickle-down effect on US companies.
Part 2: Credit availability, foreign exchange challenges and a country by country rundown.
Part 3: Exports and revenue, the Purchasing Managers Index and if another recession is coming.
dalycable Whistleblower Legislation Update
with Stuart Cable of Goodwin Procter
Part 1: Dodd/Frank, Sarbanes–Oxley and the FCPA.
Part 2: Response policies and procedure and when you need a third party.
Legal Deposition Video: A legal training program from our board education partner, Board Leaders.
ogdenplanitzer CEO Succession
with Dayton Ogden of SpencerStuart and Russ Planitzer of Lazard Technology Partners
Part 1: Internal and external candidates, using a third-party contributor, and the CEO’s role.
Part 2: Implementation timeline, the company’s strategic direction and input from the board.
Part 3: Review and implementation of the plan and involvement with the current CEO.