For the past 10 years, The Directors Letter and The Executive Insight Video Series have been products designed specifically for senior executives and board members of public and private companies. They are delivered electronically on a weekly basis. The subjects are timely with an emphasis on significant corporate decisions and good governance. Both are presented in a format that is efficient to read or view in a 10 to 15 minute time-frame. Unlike other offerings, our membership is subscriber-based and therefore there are no banner ads or distracting pop-ups.

The Directors Letter is an electronic newsletter covering 15 to 20 stories which discuss significant global corporate events which impact senior management and the Board of Directors. The stories will often cover the intricacies of a merger or acquisition, the impact of federal regulation, a financing or investment trend or the broad-based impact of technology. Most stories will have an Ed Note which will entail commentary by directors on the relevance of that story to our viewers and readers.

The Executive Insight Video Series is an engaging face-to-face video interview with a board member, senior executive or professional directly involved in board level activities. In each episode, there is usually a single governance topic which is discussed in depth. The subjects might include: current trends in shareholder outreach, CEO succession planning, the global impact of new US tax rules or the SEC’s expanded guidelines on audit committee responsibilities.

These products are delivered electronically on a weekly basis to over 25,000 senior-level individuals who are involved in board level activities: Directors, CEOs, General Counsels, CFOs and others. They recognize the need to follow and understand the events that impact their executive responsibilities. The format is straightforward presented in an engaging and efficient manner targeting a senior level audience.

The Directors Letter and The Executive Insight Video Series are both subsidiaries of Daly & Company, Inc., a 40-year-old Boston-based consulting firm. Their services focus on board level activities such as education, executive search, assessment and evaluation. Daly & Company, Inc. is also a founder of Board Leaders, LLC., a director education organization.